The TAVOR 7 – The difference between 5.56 and 7.62 is blurry

Due to the fight against terrorism, the contemporary battlefield places a higher priority on urban combat than open-air combat. A similar reality applies to law enforcement, as well as perhaps the most critical aspect. Those battles occur in urban environments, with a growing need for fighting in enclosed and crowded locations.

As a result, manufacturers of small arms face new challenges. A weapon must, for example, be light, close to the body, easy to operate, quiet, and able to capture targets quickly. In response to these challenges, IWI, one of the world’s leading small arms manufacturers, decided to develop the TAVOR-7 rifle.

Tavor 7
Tavor 7

Outstanding performance

With the dynamic changes in the battlefield and the requirement for powerful 7.62 mm cartridge weapons (.308 Win), IWI developed the TAVOR 7.62X51mm rifle. The TAVOR 7 provides superior performance, granting the troops a highly accurate, powerful, and reliable weapon to deploy rapidly and easily in any combat situation.

The TAVOR rifle concept was born in the 1990s when the Israeli Defense Forces sought a weapon capable of significantly enhancing the infantry fighter’s combat capabilities. As a result of the need for a small, compact rifle for urban fighting, the TAVOR bullpup design was developed and introduced to the market in 2006. Throughout the 2000s, TAVOR evolved to include the TAVOR TAR and CTAR, X95 (with its four calibers), and the TAVOR 7, which all share similar capabilities.

The TAVOR-7, as a bullpup rifle, has two distinguishing features: its short length and long barrel. The Bullpup configuration allows the weapon to be close to the body for more effective combat in dense urban areas. The weapon can also rapidly acquire targets due to its rear center of gravity and can be fired with just one hand.

According to Shlomi Sabag, IWI’s CEO, “The IWI TAVOR-7 enables users from the military and law enforcement markets to operate in a wide variety of scenarios at short and medium-range with enhanced firepower – efficiently, safely, and quickly, with only minimal maintenance. Based on what we have already heard from the field, we expect the IWI TAVOR 7 to become a leader in its category. “

Innovative weapon

TAVOR-7 is a battle-ready innovative weapon, built to be durable and robust, designed in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to create a weapon with outstanding performance and accuracy in all environmental conditions with enhanced human ergonomics. In addition, the design allows quick cartridge replacement, fast fault operation, and more.

The TAVOR-7 is a fully ambidextrous platform on which the ejection side and the charging handle can be switched quickly and easily from side to side by the user. The ambidextrous features include a safety lever, magazine release, and bolt catch like the X95.

For those of you that want to drill down to the specifics: the IWI TAVOR-7 also includes an M-LOK fore-end (2 M-LOK slots at 3 and 9 o’clock) as well as MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail at the 6 o’clock position to allow the use of multiple devices and accessories. It features a high-strength, impact-modified polymer body along with a hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel for easy maintenance and a long cost-benefit cycle.

Additional features include a short-stroke gas piston with a 4-position variable gas regulator (including an OFF position – a unique feature designed for special operation needs), a rotating bolt system that ensures maximum safety for the user, and a pistol grip that can be changed or modified.

The IWI TAVOR-7 enables 100% interchangeability, reducing maintenance costs. It is available in three colors: OD Green, Black, and Flat Dark Earth (FDE), with replaceable barrels available in 16.5”, 17” and 20”, weighs 4.43-4.55 kg. (depends on configuration) and overall length of 717-860mm (depends on configuration).

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“like shooting a 5.56 weapon”

A complaint related to 7.62 caliber weapons is the discomfort caused by recoil compared to 5.56 caliber weapons. Well, according to several reviews, the TAVOR-7 recoil is more like 5.56. “A lot of it is related to the weight and the way it’s balanced,” according to the Sootch00 YouTube channel. “But also due to the muzzle brake.”

Such an advantage changes the perception that 7.62 caliber weapons are more suitable for snipers than for combatants. Moreover, the TAVOR-7 Bullpup configuration allows any combatant to fight in CQB & confined spaces with a 7.62 caliber weapon. TAVOR-7 is designed to be more reliable, durable, and require less operator maintenance. It can fire between 600 and 900 rounds per minute and has a compact bullpup layout for rapid target acquisition.

With a total length of 28.4″ (723 mm), the TAVOR-7 features a design developed closely with the IDFIsrael Defense Forces (IDF) and complied with all NATO standards, including NATO MIL-STD 7.62 Steel/Aluminum/Polymer magazines.

TAVOR-7 can be easily adapted, depending on the operational requirements, to military or law enforcement tasks, such as vehicle patrol and CQB & confined spaces and undercover missions – short and medium combat engagement, custom police operations, VIP protection, etc.

Armed forces and organizations worldwide have taken note of TAVOR’s family success in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). As a result, many countries have purchased the rifle for military and law enforcement. TAVOR-7 is also sold for civilian purposes in North American countries (the United States and Canada).

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