Civil disorder, characterized by extremists violently demonstrating against the government, is often a show of disagreement and frustration towards authorities. It usually involves vandalism and property damage, and while some citizens attempt a peaceful protest, others may become violent. Once this happens, a legal demonstration can quickly escalate into an uncontrollable riot. When mishandled, such chaotic situations may lead to property damage, civilian casualties, and government reputation loss.

While using just offensive and defensive measures, law enforcement agencies might calm down the situation for a short period. However, only a well-structured methodology of proper use of law enforcement techniques, procedures, and products will ensure order and reestablish the confidence to their citizens.

IWI is a leading defense company with over 85 years of experience developing, designing, and marketing a wide range of small arms globally. It has broadened its activities to provide a comprehensive Riot-Control solution by offering versatile methods to disperse the violent situations and restore the public order.

IWI’s Riot-Control comprehensive solutions include:

Offensive and defensive products, top-level methodology, tailored training, and integration of cutting-edge technologies – specially intended for Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Personnel, Police Units, Prison Services, and Riot-Control Special Forces in order to minimize the use of force.

Methodology buildup:

◆ Riot-Control conceptual and operative methodology.

◆ Tailor-made solution to the client needs.


◆ Multi-shot 12 gauge shotguns and ammunition
◆ 37-38 mm launcher and ammunition
◆ 40 mm launcher and ammunition


◆ Tactical anti-stab uniforms
◆ Anti-stab and bulletproof vests
◆ Tactical helmets
◆ Riot-Control shields
◆ Flashbangs
◆ Multipurpose grenades



◆ Riot-Control basic course
◆ Riot-Control advanced course
◆ Riot-Control commanders course