TAVOR TAR Flattop with 457mm
barrel length. Available also with
integral reflex sight.

Available colors: Black, Desert, Green


TAVOR CTAR Flattop with 380mm
barrel length. Available also with
integral reflex sight.

Available colors: Black, Desert, Green


10-years combat proven experience

A shift in battlefield dynamics, mounting global terrorism threats and extreme combat environments fuelled the demand for a more reliable, versatile and technologically advanced weapon.  IWI set out to design, test and prove the ultimate assault rifle. The award winning TAVOR was developed to answer these adversities and more.

Selected as “Rifle of the Year”
The TAVOR Assault Rifle has been selected by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and American Rifleman Magazine for their Golden Bullseye Award as 2014 Rifle of the Year. The Tavor was selected just nine months after entering the US market.

Weapon of choice by the IDF
The TAVOR Assault Rifle was developed in close cooperation with Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It was rigorously tested by the IDF on all terrains and performed flawlessly. Today all IDF Infantry Units and IDF Special Forces use the TAVOR as their primary assault rifle. The TAVOR line of Assault Rifles also been chosen by government bodies as well as military, law enforcement and police units worldwide. The test of time demonstrated that the TAVOR’s superior precision, reliability and enhanced human ergonomics set it apart as the ultimate weapon of the 21st century.

  • Bullpup configuration
  • Optimized ergonomic design
  • Rear center of gravity
  • 30 round NATO magazine capacity
  • Day-to-night optics conversion without re-zeroing
  • Fully ambidextrous
  • Foldable back-up sights with tritium for night combat
  • Long picatinny rail versions
  • Manufactured with high-strength impact modified polymer for a sturdy but light frame
  • 6 support points: Stable while shooting in prone position, sitting, kneeling, standing, firing under arm and from hip
  • Minimum operator and armorer level maintenance – low Total Cost of Ownership


  • Recoil absorbent butt pad for rifle grenade firing
  • Simple field-stripping into 2 parts, no need for special tools
  • Last round catch
  • Corrosion-resistant metal parts
  • 100% interchangeability
  • Flip-up back-up sight
  • Available also in Semi-Automatic version
  • Integrated reflex sight (optional)
  • Available in 9X19mm and 45X39mm caliber
  • Integrated reflex sight attached directly on to the barrel