NEGEV LMG 5.56X45mm

The NEGEV LMG, deployed by the IDF, is fired from an open bolt position.

The NEGEV 5.56X45mm is fed by belt, assault drum or by NATO magazine.

NEGEV NG-7 LMG 7.62X51mm

The NEGEV NG-7 is based on the reliable NEGEV 5.56 LMG and it is the only Light Machine Gun 7.62X51mm with a semi-automatic mode, empowering its safe use in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) as well. It is fired from an open bolt position and is drum fed.


World’s lightest Machine Gun

  • The only light machine gun with semi-automatic mode
  • Powerful target acquisition
  • Accurate performance even in extreme conditions

The NEGEV (5.56X45mm and 7.62X51mm) is a robust and reliable assault Light Machine Gun with powerful target acquisition and accurate performance. The Negev is not only the world’s lightest machine gun but it is the only semi-automatic mode version in the market to date. Deployed by the IDF, the Negev’s semi-automatic features empower its operators with safer Close Quarter Battle (CQB).

The NEGEV LMG has been battle-proven worldwide under adverse and extreme environmental conditions. Being light-weight, the Negev enables agile movement and accurate targeting, particularly in urban areas. Its large caliber contributes to better fire power as well as advanced penetration of walls and light-armored vehicles.

  • Two operation modes; semi-automatic for accurate fast-controlled fire in CQB and automatic for maximum firepower
  • Safety mechanisms minimize uncontrolled fire
  • Different firing options; special helicopter airborne, vehicle or naval mounts
  • Tritium night sights
  • Picatinny rails for optical devices and diverse accessories
  • Firing is possible with folded butt stock
  • Gas regulator for additional power in adverse conditions
  • Fed from an assault drum, belt chain or magazine (magazine for NEGEV 5.56X45mm caliber models only)
  • Robust and durable bipod
  • Quickly dismantles for maintenance
  • Adjustable butt stock and cheek rest
  • Safety mechanisms
  • Back-up iron sights
  • Low silhouette