Breakthrough Concept in Small Arms Management

eLog is a revolutionary solution for digitizing weapons management, enabling small arms inventory and maintenance management. This innovative solution enables army leaders to make decisions based on comprehensive and precise information.

This is achieved by a revolutionary accurate and reliable shot counter combined with unique management software, designed for the world’s modern army necessities as a complete management & control solution for:

  • Maximizing weapons battlefield readiness
  • Computerizing armory and weapons work procedures (including field support)
  • Alarming theft and maintenance needs
  • Improving maintenance efficiency and economizing overall casts
  • Enabling insights analytics and reports

The eLog is an innovative system consisting of three main components: Weapon embedded sensor modules, PDA terminal and advanced management software.

Management System
A PC based management system which provides detailed views of weapons and personnel, supports maintenance procedures and supplies insights analytics and reports.
Management system main capabilities are to computerized weapon maintenance and inventory control with all the weapon personal information, reports and parts consumption

Sensor Module
Every weapon is equipped with an embedded concealed sensor. This sensor records the firearm real-time operation and performance
with regard to  the number of rounds fired along with the rate of fire and the fire time frame

Mobile Terminal
The mobile terminal is a rugged PDA which enables field support for weapons management and maintenance .