ACE 5.56X45mm

The ACE 5.56X45mm models are NATO standard ammunition weapons
deployed and proven worldwide.

It includes the ACE 5.56X45mm with GALIL magazine and the ACE-N
5.56X45mm suitable for standart NATO magazine.

ACE 7.62X39mm

The ACE 7.62X39mm models offer the ideal solution for military
forces around the world tending to replace their weapons by modern,
innovative and high performance models without having to change
their ammunition.

ACE 7.62X51mm

The ACE 7.62X51mm models offer the ideal solution comprising a
modern and reliable weapon suitable for long range targets in open
and urban areas.


The ACE IWI GL 40mm is a powerful single shot 40X46mm UBGL. Designed with an ergonomic fit for the ACE assault rifles, the system is easy to assemble, fast to mount and safe to operate.


Next generation weapon. Same ammunition

  • Embodies the benefits of the Galil assault rifle
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Uses 5.56 & 7.62 ammunition

The IWI ACE line represents the next generation of the renowned GALIL assault rifle. The new ACE assault rifles work with standard 5.56X45mm, 7.62x39mm and 7.62X51mm ammunition, making them the weapon of choice for armies and agents seeking advanced rifles without changing ammunition.

The ACE has been built to meet the needs of the modern battlefield. Heralded as the ultimate assault weapon, this rifle has been battle-proven under the most adverse and extreme conditions. Advanced design and performance mechanisms transformed the ACE into a more reliable and highly accurate weapon for combat warfare. The new human engineering and ergonomic developments ensure it is user-friendly and easy to maintain.

The ACE lines of Assault Rifles are exceptionally resourceful due to their versatility; ACE incorporates 360° Picatinny rails serving as a platform for mounting a wide array of optical devices and diverse accessories. The ACE assault rifles are easy to use and simple to maintain.

  • Short lightweight assault rifle in different lengths
  • Diverse calibers: 5.56X45mm NATO standard ammunition, 7.62X39mm and 7.62X51mm
  • 360° picatinny rails
  • Proven reliability under adverse and extreme conditions
  • Ambidextrous; for right or left-handed shooters
  • Modern streamlined ergonomic design
  • Tritium night sights
  • Telescopic butt stock
  • Muzzle break / jump compensator (for 7.62X51mm caliber models only)
  • Easy to maintain; no tools needed for stripping
  • Last round catch (for 5.56X45mm caliber models only)
  • Available in semi-automatic